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From the time that he was a young child until now, Marcus D. Smith knew that he was destined to be a musician. He started playing the piano at age 11, and his love and passion for music has only deepened and matured since then.

Marcus has studied music under various renowned musicians including the late Dr. Nathan Carter, Dr. Robert Jordan, Mr. William Patrick Alston, Ms. Linda R. Hall and Mr. Renaldo Reyes. While in high school, Marcus played for the world-renown Baltimore City College Choir under the tutelage of Ms. Linda R. Hall.

Marcus received his high school diploma from Baltimore City College High School and a Bachelor of Arts degree in piano performance from Morgan State University. In 2011, Marcus graduated with a Masters of Science Degree in Music Education from Towson University.

His passion for music has carried him across the world from Czech of the Republic to Italy. He served as a music instructor at St. Timothy Christian Education School, St. Ambrose Camp. Additionally, he has had the opportunity to teach at various other schools such as Nathan Carter School of Music at New Shiloh Baptist Church in Baltimore, Maryland, the Celebration Church School of Music in Columbia, Maryland and Mount Washington Elementary School in Baltimore, Maryland. He has also organized, planned and taught various conferences, music workshops and other special events.

Currently, Marcus is employed as the Minister of Music for the Ark Church in Baltimore, Maryland and has held this position for 14 years.  Marcus is also employed at the Baltimore City College High School serving as the Choral Director. Under his numerous accolades, he previously won the Thurston Frazier Music Scholarship during a piano competition held in Kansas City, Missouri and Orlando, Florida. Marcus is a member of several organizations, including the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Thomas Dorsey Convention and the Hampton Ministries Conference. He has accompanied the McDaniel College Choir, the Douglas Memorial Inspirational Choir, Johns Hopkins Gospel Choir, Hood College Gospel Ensemble, Folly Quarter Middle School Choir and many others. In 2008, Marcus recorded a project with his current church choir, Divine Voices of Praise, entitled, “Be Still and Know” released in 2009. The choir’s single, “Jesus is Lord” is playing on radio stations across the country.

Marcus’ personal philosophy is that everyone is talented, and with the appropriate support, instruction and hard work, there is nothing one cannot achieve.

Marcus D. Smith, Choral Director